Baby Teeth are not disposable!

Baby Teeth are not disposable!

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The fact that baby teeth are replaced does not reduce their importance. An early loss of any of them might cause a long term issue that will need longer time and effort to manage.

Importance of Anterior Baby teeth

  • Like the permanent teeth the anterior baby teeth are the ones that create the child’s smile. Having a beautiful smile at an early age is very important as this eventually affects your child’s self esteem and confidence. Some might think that children do not put high attention to these details, however will be surprised of how an unattractive smile can lead to unsocial behavior and timidity.
  • At the very early years each child starts to learn how to speak and pronounce the different letters. Right Sounds and pronunciation are created through a harmonious interplay between muscles, teeth, lips and tongue. The existence of healthy anterior baby teeth is mandatory for each child to learn proper speech. 

Importance of Posterior Baby Teeth

  • For a balanced overall health, the food your child is eating needs not only to be chosen wisely but should also be chewed, masticated and swallowed properly by him/her. This is never possible without healthy posterior baby teeth on both sides.
  • Posterior baby teeth hold space in the jaws for permanent teeth that are still growing under the gums. If a baby tooth is lost too early, the permanent teeth can actually drift into the space created, thus making it difficult for other adult teeth to erupt in their proper place. This can lead to having crooked or crowded teeth and might mean the need for braces in the future. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry children at the age of 1 need to have their first dental check-up and a 6 month dental check up is then followed. The early examination and identification of high-risk children by a pediatric dentist followed by appropriate intervention measures, such as fluoride varnish and pits and fissure sealants combined with education of parents/ caregivers can actually prevent dental caries and significantly reduce the need for lengthy treatment plans. For more details about pediatric dentistry come visit us at Drs. Nicolas & Asp Centers today!

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