Are your teeth getting old?

Are your teeth getting old?

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Teeth have a direct impact on your smile and the way you look in general. It is that look that allows you to enhance your chances professionally and socially, climb high in your career, keep your key post, to assert confidence and acceptance. These facts have brought cosmetic dentistry to the list of necessities and its no longer considered a luxury of the elite.

This explains why more and more mature men and women, in their early 40’s to late 50’s, are increasingly utilizing our advanced cosmetic dental services.

What are the changes that our teeth undergo during ageing?

  • Throughout the years, and due to the effect of smoking, drinking colored drinks (Coke, juices, red wine …) and not brushing after meals, this age group of patients will have somewhat darker teeth than younger men/women. Due to the attrition of enamel over the years, the upper front teeth become shorter. Although these teeth are totally healthy, they are usually an embarrassment while smiling since they are hardly showing due to the upper lip covering them. People may be perceived socially as lacking their upper front teeth.
  • Another common encounter is the attrition of the back teeth, molars and premolars. This is the result of years of wear and tear, grinding and sometimes Bruxism (jaw clenching or grinding of the teeth that generally occurs during sleep). This would inevitably reduce the face height and imply an aged “downward” look due to the cheek and lip tissues being not stretched.
  •  In some instances, the imbalanced equilibrium among the teeth in each jaw and between the upper and lower jaws combined with occasional tooth loss can lead to an impaired smile and gaps between the front teeth.
  • Occasionally, an abnormal elongated look of the teeth may be due to chronic gum disease and associated bone and gum tissue loss. This would mean that the smile is totally impaired and would require proper Periodontist care and attention.

Many of these undesirable esthetic obstacles can be professionally restored by highly skilled clinicians with simple to moderate long fasting solutions; leading to major improvements in your smile, appearance and self-esteem.

To know more about Advanced Cosmetic Dental Services, speak to any of our General Dentists or Prosthodontists. 

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