All About Dental Hygiene


All About Dental Hygiene

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Looking after your teeth is incredibly important – and has never been easier! Today there’s an array of products and services to help you keep fresh breath and clean teeth. Here’s what you need to incorporate into your dental hygiene routine to make it into the best.

  • Why does dental care matter?

It’s really simple – if you don’t practice good oral hygiene, you’re very likely to suffer from problems or even lose your teeth altogether. Your mouth contains millions of good and bad bacteria, and keeping the two balanced is a hard job. If you eat lots of sugar then you’re feeding the ‘bad’ bacteria that produce tooth-damaging acid. And, if you fail to brush your teeth properly, then those bacteria get a chance to multiply further and produce sticky plaque. Over time the build-up of bad stuff causes common issues like tooth decay, and periodontal or gum disease. However – the good news is actions like brushing and visiting your hygienist/dentist help keep these problems at bay.

  • Brushing

You should brush your teeth twice a day, for two minutes at a time. If you tend to brush hard, then consider buying a soft-bristled brush. Brush one section at a time, be sure to brush the inside, outside and the top surfaces, and use a back-and-forth motion. If you struggle to remember all this, then an electric toothbrush can help your oral hygiene routine. Also, use a fluoride toothpaste which will help strengthen your tooth enamel. If you experience any pain or persistent bleeding when brushing, you should see your dentist as this can be a symptom of an underlying problem like gum disease.

  • Flossing

The rule is, the more often the better. Flossing removes problematic particles from between the teeth, and thereby helps prevent bacteria from gaining a stronghold anywhere in your mouth. Your normal toothbrush alone can’t do that! Waxed floss is easier if you have close-set teeth. Be gentle when flossing and don’t force it. Move the floss up and down, and wind it around two fingers for extra support. Rinse after, either with some water or a mouthwash. A little bleeding when flossing is OK, but if you have a lot of bleeding then you should see your dentist.

  • Diet and exercise

Try to eat healthily whenever you can, and limit your consumption of nasties like sugary snacks, fast food and fizzy drinks. All of these feed ‘bad’ bacteria and make great oral hygiene more difficult to achieve. Do your teeth a favour and have a glass of water or a chopped carrot instead! Water helps restore a neutral pH level in the mouth, and crunchy vegetables like carrots and pepper actually help clean tooth surfaces and give you fresh breath. Also, when exercising be sure to stay aware of your teeth. Contact sports like football or hockey really require a mouthguard for protection from knocks and falls. You might also want to invest in one if you engage in solo sports like cycling.

  • Visiting the dentist

You should visit your general dentist at Drs. Nicolas & Asp, every six months. This lets the dentist check for any underlying conditions you might not have spotted – and treat them early. The dentist can also advise on care, and any extra help you might need, such as a professional clean with the dental hygienist. You should also see your dentist if you develop any unusual or strange symptoms between appointments, such as bleeding gums, pain, or soreness that doesn’t go away. Drs. Nicolas & Asp offer a 24-hour emergency dental service that can help if you have a problem that can’t wait.

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