A silver crown?! I don’t want that in my child’s mouth …

A silver crown?! I don’t want that in my child’s mouth …

March 6, 2020 4:48 am Published by

Pediatric dentists are often faced with this reaction from parents, But have you ever wondered why the filling in your child’s mouth is fractured? Pediatric dentists suggest stainless steel crowns as the restoration of choice due to their superior advantages over conventional fillings (white and amalgam fillings).

They are indicated in many scenarios, including but not limited to: grossly broken down teeth, primary (baby) molars that have undergone nerve treatments, hypoplastic (weak) primary or permanent molars and in children at high caries risk, particularly children having treatment under general anesthesia. (According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry amongst others)

These crowns unquestionably provide the most durable restoration for primary teeth, with survival times exceeding 40 months. They are relatively expensive in comparison with fillings; however, their replacement rate is very low compared with other restorations. This makes them economic on the long term, So as much as a filling sounds much nicer to your ears, stainless steel crowns could be recommended by your pediatric dentist 

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