5 visits and voilà your perfect Smile!

5 visits and voilà your perfect Smile!

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Our focus today is on an aspect that has the power to change the world. A small feature that can be the difference between succeeding in a job interview, putting the ink on a sale, getting the attention of a loved one or simply feeling good!

A beautiful and complete smile has the ability to do wonders, not only to the person looking at us, but most importantly, to the way we look at ourselves. It is the single aspect that can help us, not only cross but leap over the thin line separating between being shy and having all the self-confidence in the world. Can you imagine Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones or Angelina Jolie without that killer smile? If you are intrigued, just check it out on YouTube!

Having said that, many would like to know what is the process of getting that natural looking gorgeous smile that would get you a “Wow, your teeth look so nice and white!” instead of a “Wow, that’s is so fake!”. Do you want to get that attractive smile that would remind you of how irresistible you are every time that you feel a bit down?

The answer is simple: Perception, Precision, and Perfection.


This happens during our 1st meeting together in which time is spent to determine your needs and listen to your expectations. What differentiates one cosmetic dentist from another is his Vision and Taste. It’s like having 5 different interior designers who are masters in home decoration. The only thing that will make one stand out is delivering exactly that which suits your expectations.

To do so, dental impressions, multiple pictures of your face and smile are taken along with specific measurements of your facial traits. These pictures will be discussed with you in order to have an idea of the final result.

For the next approximately 5 days, a study is made of your records and a Custom smile design is planned in order to show you how it will look like. A treatment plan is established along with the total fees associated to it in order to present it to you during the 2nd meeting.


This happens during the 3rd meeting in which your teeth are prepared in order to get their new look. The way your teeth are prepared depends on the plan established in order to get the optimal result. This requires the utmost precision and mastership in order to achieve the required result without causing any unnecessary harm to your teeth or gum. When you leave the office, you will have your new look made with a temporary material in order for you to get used to it. Also, this gives our laboratory the chance to precisely fabricate your permanents using state of the art technology. This process takes approximately 7 days. After all, this is a permanent solution and the necessary time and care should be taken in order to keep the precision.

During the 4th meeting, the temporaries are replaced with the permanents in which care and accuracy are taken in order to fixate the porcelain to your teeth.


This happens during the 5th and final meeting, which is usually around 3 days after having your permanents, in which care is taken to do any necessary adjustments and final touches to the shape of the teeth in order to achieve that “Wow!” effect.

That being said, whether you are getting prepared for a wedding, an important presentation, a job interview or simply want to complete your fabulous look, a smile makeover is a very powerful and gorgeous feature that should always rely on Perception, Precision and Perfection. Our team would be privileged to guide you through your journey to the perfect smile.

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