5 Secrets Revealed for a Fresh Breath! Check it out, everyone!

5 Secrets Revealed for a Fresh Breath! Check it out, everyone!

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Despite of enjoying our tuna sandwich at lunch and our garlic bread at dinner time, we still want to have a fresh breath all the time. This can be sometimes a challenge. However, there are lots of things you can do to freshen up your breath in between meals, and on a daily basis for that matter. From munching on hard vegetables, to knowing how to floss, Drs. Nicolas & Asp team has got you covered, so you can feel great and enjoy a fresh breath at every holiday party you will attend this December!

  • Opt for green vegetables as a snack

Eating green leafy vegetables or any other water-rich vegetable or even fruit is a great way to keep your breath fresh. This is because this type of food stimulates the saliva production that has a cleansing action inside your mouth and can keep your breath fresh for some time.

  • Brush the tongue

Brushing is extremely important for a fresh breath, but this should include the tongue, too, as it is also home for many germs and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. The back part of the tongue needs special attention. For those of you who have a sensitive gag reflex try to keep your mouth nearly closed while brushing your tongue.

  • Carry the right tools everywhere you go

Wherever you go, there is not harm of having a small kit that has a toothbrush, tooth paste and floss. You can’t imagine how handy it will be and sometimes a life saver. This will allow you enjoy all your meals while making sure you get rid of any smell afterwards.

  • Water is your friend

Dry mouth can be a source of a bad breath. That’s why we always advice you to keep water with you everywhere you go. This is extremely important for your tissues and skin and your overall body heath. It also keeps cleaning your mouth regularly giving you a nice, fresh breath and feel.

  • Don’t smoke

Smoking is not good for you on so many levels but it is considered to be number one cause for a bad and smelly breath. A chewing gum after smoking will probably help for few minutes. Having a constant fresh breath cannot be possible for a smoker.

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