5 Reasons to Quit Smoking

5 Reasons to Quit Smoking

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In the UAE, smoking is completely banned – and penalized – in closed public spaces. Smoking is one of the deadliest habits, that can really take a toll on the smoker’s health and lifestyle. With increased levels of awareness, more and more smokers are taking the decision to quit this health-destructive habit. If you are a smoker who is on the fence, trying to decide whether it is really worth it to quit, take a look at five reasons Drs. Nicolas & Asp have put together to explain to you how smoking can affect your teeth and health, as well as some tips to help you stop smoking with the best dentist in Dubai.

  • Smoking is the Leading Cause of Oral Cancer

Aside from lung cancer, liver cancer, heart disease and all the life-threatening conditions that have proven correlation with smoking, the use of tobacco is the main causal factor for oral cancer. About 80 percent of patients diagnosed with oral cancer use tobacco in the form of cigarettes, chewing tobacco or snuff. Smoking is also associated with cancer in the mouth or throat. Quitting smoking significantly lowers your chances of suffering from this group of life-threatening diseases.

  • Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

Smoking causes a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, which leads to infected gums not being able to heal. Moreover, gum disease progresses faster with smokers than with non-smokers. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults.

  • Loss of Taste and Smell

A study found that the toxic chemicals in nicotine cause changes in the shape of smokers’ taste buds as well as vascularization – or formation – of blood vessels, which is why most smokers are unable to perceive taste as strongly as non-smokers. In addition, smoking dulls the sense of smell, which in turn affects the ability to taste.

  • Stained Teeth and Bad Breath

The tar and nicotine found in cigarettes can make your teeth yellow in a short period of time, and prolonged smoking will cause further darkening of the teeth until they become almost brown in colour due to staining from tobacco. Also, smokers have a bad breath, which is why they often need to take measures to combat that.

  • Increased Build-Up of Plaque and Tartar on Your Teeth

The chemicals contained in tobacco products affect saliva flow in the mouth, making it easier for oral bacteria to stick to the teeth and gums, which again, makes smokers more prone to gum disease than non-smokers.

  • How Can I Stop Smoking?

If you want a better life free of tobacco-related ailments, there are ways to help you manage to quit easier. Nicotine replacement therapy products (NRT) – or smoking alternatives – can be used to support you through the quitting process. Examples include nicotine chewing gum, patches, nasal sprays, inhalers and lozenges. For guidance on which method(s) work best for you, please consult your dentist. At Drs. Nicolas & Asp, we guarantee the best dentists in Dubai who can smoothly and seamlessly guide you through quitting and help you reach your ultimate goal of leading a healthier lifestyle with the highest quality of life possible.

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