5 Dental tips every Diabetic Patient needs to know!

5 Dental tips every Diabetic Patient needs to know!

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Diabetes puts your oral health at risk as it decreases your ability to fight germs in your mouth. Having constant high levels of blood sugar encourages bacteria to grow contributing to gum disease. Red, sore, bleeding, or swollen gums or loose teeth are all signs of unhealthy gums.  

That’s why if you are a diabetic patient taking care of your oral health is an essential part of your overall health. 

Here are some tips from the dentist 

  • Control Diabetes to keep a healthy beautiful smile

Well-controlled diabetes directly contributes to a healthy mouth. If you control your blood sugar level, you automatically decrease the risk for any gum infection, mouth dryness or any tooth loss.  It’s very important to know that infections may also lead to the rising of the blood sugar, thus making your diabetes even harder to control. 

  • Visit your dentist regularly

Regular dental checkups every 6 months are very important for everyone especially for diabetic patient. On one hand, it allows your dentist to control your gum and teeth condition, prevent any potential risk or treat and manage any issue at an early stage. On the other hand you will get to learn about the right habits of oral health care. You might also benefit from the professional cleaning sessions by the dental hygienists to ensure a low risk oral environment with less germs and lower probability of infection. 

  • Brush & floss everyday!

The one fully responsible for your oral health is not the dentist. It’s actually you who is in full charge every day of your gum and teeth condition. Good oral Health is never achieved without the usual brushing and flossing. With a soft brush and the proper technique you will definitely control the amount of plaque present inside your mouth. Flossing helps you get rid of any germs in between your teeth. If you do this regularly you actually did most of the work and the dentist will not a have lot to do. 

  • Take care of your dentures!

Diabetic patients are more prone to fungal infections than any other patients. That’s why it’s essential to take very good care of the cleaning of your dentures. Loose-fitting or poorly maintained unclean dentures can lead to gum irritation, sores, and infections.

  • Know the signs and examine yourself!

It’s very good if you already know how you can differentiate between healthy and unhealthy gums. If you notice any redness, swelling or any other symptoms feel free to book an appointment with your dentist to talk about all your concerns. It’s always better to detect any infection early and manage it before any further progression. 

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