4 ways to keep your child happy on the dental chair!

4 ways to keep your child happy on the dental chair!

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Taking your child to the Pediatric Dentist for regular checkups and treatment is of High importance. However, sitting in a strange place while seeing white coats and hearing unfamiliar sounds can be a bit scary for the child. The Pediatric dentist is well aware of that and is highly trained to deal with all of your child’s fears, needs and anxieties. Additionally, as a parent you can enormously help your child as well as your child’s pediatric dentist. 

Here are some tips you might use to make the whole process easy. 

1. Visit a Pediatric dentist 

The Pediatric Dentist is not like any other dentist. The Pediatric Dentist has spent years perfecting the techniques to ensure your child receives expert treatment. An important technique is the “tell, show, and do”. It introduces the clinic to the child allowing him/her to accept and take part in the treatment process. 

2. Start young

The earlier you take your child to the dentist the better for everyone. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends the first dental visit at age one. This will decrease the anxiety of the child creating a feeling of being safe. The strange clinic becomes a dental home where all the dental problems are being solved. 

3. Keep it simple

Don’t get into the details with your child. Use simple vocabulary like “the dentist needs to count your teeth and see your beautiful smile”. Avoid words like “shots”, “injections” and “pain”. The dental team will explain everything as it should be explained to a child. 

4. Praise the good behavior and ignore the negative one

After the visit is over, praise your child for the good behavior and bravery, and ignore any negativity that happened during the session. Every once in a while, surprise him/her with a sticker or a small toy as an encouragement. 

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